Historical Backgrounds:

Anjuman-e-Gujjran Karachi Sindh has been part of Anjuman-e-Markazia Gujjran Pakistan up to 2010. In 2010 Anjuman-e-Gujjran Karachi Sindh was registered as an independent Anjuman.


Anjuman-e-Gujjran Karachi Sindh was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 03.09.2010. The registered office of the Anjuman is Molvi Qutubuddin Community Centre, 1st Floor, Allama Iqbal Road, Manzoor Colony, Karachi. The sub office the Anjuman is at 136-B, SMCHS, Karachi.

Aims & Objects:

  1. To establish branches of Anjuman-e-Gujjran Karachi Sindh (subsequently called Anjuman) at District & Local levels;
  2. To plan, develop and establish an education Institute i.e. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Information Technology and other Institutions, Technical Education Center, Medical Centers, Libraries / Reading Rooms as considered necessary by the Anjuman;
  3. To grant scholarship to the deserving students for higher education on charitable basis;
  4. To provide books to the poor children on free of cost;
  5. To provide free education to deserving students;
  6. To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants, endowments and any other movable and immovable property and properties from lawful sources within the country and to utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of Anjuman subject to the approval of competent Authority i.e. District Admn. / Income Tax Department;
  7. To run the Anjuman on non-political, non-commercial and non-religious basis;
  8. Promoters, office bearers and members shall not be paid like employees of the Anjuman either in cash, kind or in any other manner;
  9. The Anjuman shall confine its activities only to the aims and objects of the Anjuman as set forth in the Memorandum of the Anjuman and the income and property of Anjuman from whatever sources derived shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of the Anjuman and non-portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend profit, bonus to any member office bearers of the Anjuman, or otherwise, violation of this condition shall be the personal responsibility of the office bearers concerned;
  10. To pay the expenses or part expenses of crutches, artificial limbs and other mechanical or medical aids or appliances for such patients;
  11. To provide relief to poor and deserving persons in time of distress due to famine, pestilence, fire, tempest, flood, earthquake or any other calamity;
  12. To give help to poor and deserving in Pakistan or any part of the world either by making payments to them in cash or providing them with food, clothes and / or lodging or residential quarters or setting them up in life or business, cottage industries or in any other way to enable them to earn their livelihood;
  13. To undertake arrangement for the burial of dead bodies and coffin carriers;
  14. To acquire properties by lawful means for the expansion, uplift and progress of the Anjuman and give the properties so acquired on rent or lease;
  15. To let out at nominal or concessional rent any plot, building, tenement or other accommodation to poor and deserving persons;
  16. To provide for the economic, social or other welfare, uplift, benefit and advancement in life of poor and deserving persons;
  17. To provide marriage, funeral or other religious ceremonies of orphans and other poor persons and to help and support widows and stranded persons;
  18. To do all needful / fruitful work for Women’s Development / Program;
  19. To make Rural Development Programs for rural areas of the Country;
  20. To do all needful / fruitful work for Human Rights, Child Rights, Labour Rights;
  21. To create relationship among different Foundations having the similar aims and objects and together to do fight against illiteracy poverty misleading and all kind of crimes;
  22. To plan, develop, construct and establish Dispensary (Medical Centre), Ambulance Service;
  23. To research, develop and promote projects dealing with the positive business and social aspects of Pakistan. Use TV, Radio, Print, Internet and all other media to develop campaigns for the positive promotion of all aspects of Pakistan;
  24. To educate and create consciousness among men and women against drugs, narcotics and HIV – AIDS and to work for the welfare of Youths;
  25. To arrange walks for peace, Labour Day, Women Day, Mother Day, Father Day, Child Day etc. and health cultures to impart knowledge on improving health etc.;
  26. To arrange Culture Shows, Seminars, Lectures and Discussion for diffusion of useful knowledge and Sports i.e. in-door and out-door games and also to establish reading rooms and libraries for benefit of members and general public;
  27. To give relief to poor in the events of famine, fire, floods, earthquakes, epidemic civil commotion, riots and such other calamities and / or free of interest loan with or personal guarantee security for marriages of maiden and or giving rents to persons for starting or carrying on any business, vacation or professional in order to enable them to livelihood and / or to construct maintain, improve and / or build shops, godowns and / or other kinds of premises for letting them on lease to obtain income from them for the aforesaid objects and purposes.


  1. President
  2. Senior Vice President
  3. Vice President I
  4. Vice President II
  5. Vice President III
  6. General Secretary
  7. Joint Secretary
  8. Finance Secretary
  9. Press & Information Secretary
  10. Office Secretary
  11. 10 Members nominated by President
  12. All Presidents of District and Local Branches of Anjuman by Virtue of Chair


Anjuman-e-Markazia Gujjran Pakistan (Registered)