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Gujjar was the most powerful Kshatriyan group of his time.

They conquered regions after regions but they never looted the territories they had conquered, never dishonored the women and never massacred the people. They proved best administrators in world history. The public liked them so much that their kingdoms were called Gurjartra, Guijar Bhumi, Gurjar Mandal and Gujar Rashtra, Gurjar Dash and Guijar Bhuphuj. Gurjar rulers were called Guijarendra, Gurjjareshvara and Gurjjar Nath by them. Their warriors were called Gurjjar- Brahm-Senani. The Gurjjara loved men of learning, the Brahmans, Poets, Scientists, Singers, and Astronomers etc.

They themselves were a learned people. In their early days their language was Sanskrit, as time went passed it converted into a soft language called Gujjari As Gujjars were a brave people and their women were no less brave and fearless, so in dramas, songs, folk-songs and stories, the Gujjars become a symbol o f bravery, chivalry and beauty and Gurjjar become a sign o f faith, beauty and chastity in their worst days, we see Jai Pal Khatana burning himself on the banks o f river Jhelum to save himself from humiliation.
Hamie Chauban giving away his life at Ranthan Bhore to save the lives of the refugees. Thus we conclude that Gujjar was a title which was adopted by a group o f most chivalrous cultured and civilized families o f ancient Introduction Khastriyas who become united under the same name as a community or a race and the present Gujjars are their descendants.

Word Gurjjar is also mentioned in the (Ain-I-Akbari Chapter Malwa) as “Hindu Society is divided into seven classes Al-Kujaria (Gujjars) are the people o f highest class. They are respected by all classes and the rulers are chosen o f them” Legends of fire are found in Brahmanic Literature such as Mahabha Legend of Pire Pit Origin in 90 B.C.

The most important available historical record the earliest reference to the word Gurjjar is found in 4th century B. C in the book. ‘Panch Tantra’ where there is a mention of Gurjjar Desh. The 2nd earliest mention of Gurjjar is in the inscription of Raja Dadda II of Broach where it is stated that his grandfather Gurjjar Narpati Vansa Dadda invaded the region of Broach from the north.


The ancient travelers Suleman and Baladhuri have appreciated the administration of the Gurjjars saying that there was no safety and security in any country- like that in the Gurjjar Kingdom; that was the reason where ever the Gurjjars ruled, the people named the territories ‘Gujrat’ Gujar Ghar (in Gwalior) Gujrat (Punjab) Gujrat (Saharanpur) Gujrat (Kathiawar) and others were not named by the rulers but by the public.

  • Gujjar is the biggest caste of the world with presence in Asia, Europe, Africa and America with around 3000 clans (goots).
  • In Pakistan Gujjars are in majority in Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pukhtoon Khawa, Hazara and Kashmir.
List of some well known Gujjars
• Choudhary Rahmat Ali, a Gujjar of Gorsi goth who coined the name of Pakistan
• Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry, former President of Pakistan, Promulgated the first constitution of Pakistan
• Chaudhry Amir Hussain, ex. Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan
• Mian Muhammad Bakhsh,
• Chaudhry Aftab Ahmed Gujjar Advocate,Senior Advocate Of Supreme Court of Pakistan
• Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao) Federal Interior Minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz
• Sajjad Karim, First Pakistani, Member of Parlement
• Qamar Zaman Kaira, Fed Minister for Information & first Governor of Gilgit
• Abdur Rab Nishtar,Leader of All India Muslim League
• Daniyal Aziz ex MNA & Chairman National REconstrection Beuru
• Javed Chaudhry ,
• Sahibzada Ishaq Zafar , ex Prsesident of A J K
• Ch Ahmed Naseem ex I G Panjab Police
• Ch Zaka Ashraf Chairman Pakistan Zarai Taraqiati Bank
• Ch Afzal Gunga DIG jail kanajat
• Col Farman Ali Dehdar IG Police Gilgit Baltastan
• Maj M Akram Ch ex IG Police Islamabad
• Choudhry M Asif firsr Pakistani Ambessidor of USA belong to village Nindoval Kharian
• Ch Tariq Anees Fed Minister Pakistan
• Ch Manzoor Hussain ex MNA & Membar of Central Exctive Concil PPPP
• Nawabzada Guzanfar Ali Gul ex MNA & Advisor of Prime minister of Pakistan
• Ch Tanveer Ashraf Kaira Finace Minister of Panjab
• Mian Afzal Hayat ex Cheif Minister of Panjab
• Ch Gulam Sarwer Buoch ex MPA & Teh Nazim Gujrat
• Ch Khalid Asghar Gural MPA
• Mian Tariq Mehmood Dinga MPA
• Ch Iran U Din MPA
• Ch Ijaz Ahmed ex MNA MBD
• Begum Ishrat Ashraf MNA & President of Pakistan Muslim Leauge Women Wing
• Ch Jafar Iqbal ex MNA & Depty Speaker National Assembly
• Ch Fazeelat Asghar DC Nankana Sahib
• Zeb Jafar MPA & Advisor to Chief Minister Panjab
• Ismaeel Gujjar MPA Bolochistan
• Tahir Hindly MPA Sialkot
• Dr Tahir Javid MPA
• Ch Nadeem Khadam MPA Jehlum
• Malik Abrar Ahmed MNA
• Sardar Sujah Yousaf MNA
• Sardar Mushtaq Ahmed MNA
• Dr Ch Tariq Fazal MNA Islamabad
• Ch Shafeeq Gujjar MPA Faisalaba